My Person & Strange Ways

Today, my best friend Lexi and I decided that we needed to adventure. This was actually decided weeks ago, but we had a plan and we knew it had to happen today, because we both had off from work and we knew that the main reason we were going on this adventure was going to be open. We drove an hour and a half to New Haven, Connecticut, home to the prestigious Yale University and the even more exciting Strange Ways, a shop which sells a variety of really insanely amazing products, and specializes in patches, pins and other knickknacks.

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Random pic from the coolest, hidden Star Wars graffiti wall in New Haven

We had a freaking blast in there. It was our first time there and it was even more amazing than we expected. We could have spent all day in there. We were in there extremely small store for over an hour, and when we left we thought we had only been in for about 20 minutes. Everything on display was amazing and I had such a hard time narrowing it down to the things that I absolutely needed. The owner, Alex, was also INSANELY awesome and kind, and was really interested in talking to us and our opinions. We freaking loved him and I’m so stoked to have met him. He loves cool shit and I love cool shit, and he owns an artsy, fun, unique store that I aspire to own something similar to one day.

This is just a quick snapchat video of the space (The pins and patches are in a bakery case!) The vibe was absolutely amazing, with custom art and an insanely amazing curation of products.


The wall behind the counter, which was hand painted but I want wallpaper of it to put all over my house and apartment and life.


Lexi having No Fun


All of our purchases were put in little Chinese takeout containers! SO CUTE

And of course, we have to see what I HAD to get…

Going clockwise from the top left: Going Nowhere Keychain, Dill With It Patch, Procrastinator Patch, Vintage Pogs, Cry Now Cry Later Pin (This is what is on the website, some items are exclusively in store or have not yet been put online)

I am so obsessed with everything I got. The Dill With It Patch (my favorite foods and hello, a pun!) and the Procrastinator Patch (my favorite hobby as I write this at 10 o’clock before it’s due) just are funny little me-characteristics… AND WHO DOESN’T LOVE CATS???? The Only Posers Die Patch is for my boyfriend (it’s a long running joke that he’s a skeleton and he HATES posers).

I love how quirky and fun everything in the store is. They have some really amazing things I’m already dreaming about the next time I get to go in.. I’m looking at you Frequent Crier Patch, Hopeless Patch and Pizza Pin.

I’m also so #blessed to have Lexi as a friend. She discovered Strange Ways and has me hooked on them. She knows me better than I know myself sometimes. She’s the Pinky to my Brain. We’re so stoked on going back to buy Alex out of all of his inventory and we’re bringing all of our friends with us to do it.

Processed with VSCOcam with b1 presetThanks for the amazing day. Love you to pieces baby squirrel.