Mr. Kate

As you know from my other posts, I am a huge fan of YouTube. I watch it every second of the day that I’m not doing anything where I need my eyesight (like work, or walking, or driving…). So this week I ran out of videos in my subscription box.. UH OH. I was, like, “what am I even supposed to do with my time?!?!”. So I went to the only place I knew could help: my YouTube home page. This is where I get suggestions such as: “Suggested Videos” and “Suggested Channels”. And under that Suggested Videos page was a video from someone called Mr. Kate. It was a fashion video, and I was intrigued. So, I clicked play.

I don’t know what I could have done during the past few days with my free time, because I’ve spent every second of my time watching her freaking videos. She is so funny, so stylish, so pretty, so entertaining…so everything. So I thought I’d introduce you into the world of Mr. Kate, where, you too, can stare at her jewelry and wonder where she got so freaking inspired.

This was the first video I watched. Not only are her outfits SO FUN and such fun takes on all of the plaid trends, but she made SO. MANY. PUNS! If you know me, I LOVE a good, ridiculous pun.

Those curtains… HELLO!!! I almost went to art school, so anything art related is right up my alley. I love these so much. I’m going to try and convince my roommates we need a “tapestry” like this behind our couch.

These two videos were sort of “a day in the life” style, which were really insightful and a lot of fun. She’s just so entertaining.. can’t get over her. I want her as a best friend. BE MY BEST FRIEND MR. KATE. And Brad, I’d love to be Brad’s friend too.

This video is probably my favorite. I love what she did in this video, and the way she styled all of this.

Overall, I just want to be her friend. She’s been super inspiring to me this week. I LOVE YOU MR. KATE.