Friend Fashion

No matter where I am, you can probably find me with one of my friends. I am very selective about who I’m friends with, but I’m #blessed to have the amazing friends I do. They’re all also mega fashionable. A lot of my friends are girls I work with and they’re my fashion inspo everyday. So, without further ado, here are my beautiful friends and their amazing OOTDs…



Obviously my most adorable friend, Kellsie always looks ON POINT. She believes that everything should come in black, and everything should be short to fit her 5 foot frame. She’s also the sweetest little munchkin who is killer at what she does. But she looks solid here, and that skirt is just so adorable.



My best friend is also my 90s kid style icon. That jacket was owned by Hayden Panettiere when she voiced a character in Dinosaur, which is one of the first Disney CGI movies. SO GOOD. She loves black, tights and oversized jackets, so we’re 100% fashion soulmates.



A non-job friend, Nikki was my freshman year roommate and is literally my best friend in the entire world. HER HAIR IN THIS PICTURE IS GOALS. she does an ombre like no one else and that little bun *heart eyes emoji*. That little dress is adorable and she’s perfect at transitioning from summer to fall in the city.



My 70s queen. I love everything Mandy wears. She’s always on point, and she finds her clothes at places like Forever 21, which is NUTS because she finds all of the F21 gems. She also takes the best selfies, which also makes me want to wear everything she does even though I could never pull those bells off.



Is it a blog post if I don’t include my boyfriend? Styled by me here, I think he looks amazing (I’m bias though). He was so concerned he wasn’t going to look good in the monochrome look, but he got so many compliments on it! He can pull anything off, because he doesn’t have hair to clash with anything! Always a snazzy dresser though.

And that’s it! My friends are a constant source of inspiration for me, and I’m so thankful they always look great!