Another Autumn Playlist

Ah, another month, another playlist. Each month, it seems, I create a new playlist on Spotify to listen to throughout the month. I create the new playlist during the last few days of the previous month, tweaking it slightly by adding songs, and then not touching it for a month. From the first of the month, to about the 25th, I listen to this playlist and keep notes about what songs I tend to skip, what songs I want to add, etc., to help create the following month’s perfect playlist. So, I thought I would share November’s playlist, named “Another Autumn Playlist”. According to Spotify, the playlist is 2 hours and 49 minutes long. It features a lot of albums that I’m loving/recently introduced to/want to get a better feel of. There are already a bunch of songs I know I can cut out next month, and it’s only the first week!

Another Autumn Playlist

  1. The Waterboy Returns – Modern Baseball
  2. Alpha Kappa Fall Of Troy The Movie Part Deux – Modern Baseball
  3. Infinity Exposed – Modern Baseball
  4. The Thrash Particle – Modern Baseball
  5. …And Beyond – Modern Baseball
  6. Revenge of The Nameless Ranger – Modern Baseball
  7. Island (The Starting Line Cover) – Real Friends
  8. We’ll Always Have Each Other – Sudden Suspension
  9. December – Neck Deep
  10. Plastic Flowers – The Front Bottoms
  11. Ginger – The Front Bottoms
  12. Summer Shandy – The Front Bottoms
  13. Motorcycle – The Front Bottoms
  14. Cardinals – The Wonder Years
  15. A Song For Patsy Cline – The Wonder Years
  16. I Don’t Like Who I Was Then – The Wonder Years
  17. Cigarettes & Saints – The Wonder Years
  18. The Bluest Things on Earth – The Wonder Years
  19. Thanks For The Ride – The Wonder Years
  20. A Song for Ernest Hemingway – The Wonder Years
  21. Stained Glass Ceilings – The Wonder Years
  22. I Wanted So Badly to be Brave – The Wonder Years
  23. You In January – The Wonder Years
  24. Palm Reader – The Wonder Years
  25. Close To Gold – Hippo Campus
  26. Dollar Bill – Hippo Campus
  27. South – Hippo Campus
  28. Violet – Hippo Campus
  29. The Halocline – Hippo Campus
  30. Lime St. – Neck Deep
  31. I Hope This Comes Back To Haunt You – Neck Deep
  32. Rock Bottom – Neck Deep
  33. Serpents – Neck Deep
  34. Gold Steps – Neck Deep
  35. Corrigan – Sorority Noise
  36. Fluorescent Black – Sorority Noise
  37. Nolsey – Sorority Noise
  38. Using – Sorority Noise
  39. Mononokay – Sorority Noise
  40. Blonde Hair, Black Lungs – Sorority Noise
  41. Dirty Ickes – Sorority Noise
  42. Rory Shields – Sorority Noise
  43. Wall to Wall (Depreciation) – Knuckle Puck
  44. True Contrite – Knuckle Puck
  45. In Your Crosshairs – Knuckle Puck
  46. Disdain – Knuckle Puck
  47. Untitled – Knuckle Puck
  48. Evergreen – Knuckle Puck
  49. It’s Cold Out Here – Modern Baseball
  50. Hope – Modern Baseball

Just a few notes on the playlist…

1-6. Modern Baseball just released this EP (MOBO Presents: The Perfect Cast EP feat. Modern Baseball) of random songs they’ve been releasing over the past 10 months or so. They’re one of my favorite bands and I’m really loving this.

10-13. These are from The Front Bottoms new album, Back on Top. After about 10 full listen throughs of the album, I chose these four songs as my favorites and felt that they deserved to make the playlist.

15-24. Of course the bulk of The Wonder Years new album, No Closer to Heaven made the list. I recently told my boyfriend this is my favorite album of all time, and only the first and last songs from the album are excluded from the list. I’m seeing them again on Black Friday so I want to make sure I’m a pro with these lyrics when I see them again.

25-29. When my best friend Lexi and I went to New Haven, we also walked around Yale. On our adventure, we were stopped by a kid campaigning for Planned Parenthood. We asked him what he was listening to, and he said The Front Bottoms, so we got into a huge discussion about TFB/MOBO/Sorority Noise and he suggested these guys to me. I want to find this kid and give him a high five because they are SO GOOD. Totally different than the rest of the things I listen to, but I’m really digging it. I bounce around to this when I drive and my friends laugh at me.

30-34. These playlists are usually made while with my boyfriend Matt/on the phone with Matt/with Matt’s input. I asked him what to add this month, and he said “if you don’t add Neck Deep to this month’s I’m breaking up with you”. He was joking, but the threat was enough to tell me he was serious that I would love them, and Lime St. is now one of my favorite songs. I’m seeing them at the end of the month, so I thought I should get on top of that.

35-42. I love Sorority Noise. They were on one of my playlists last winter (added by Matt, who I guess is my music filter), and we saw them at Skate and Surf Festival last spring. The crowd was about 30 people, but they were playing at the same time as a bigger band (The Story So Far), so everyone who was there were really into SoNo. I’m seeing them again next weekend and I’m SUPER stoked, so I want to make sure I’m one of those people who makes everyone else want to listen to them.

43-48. I’m also seeing Knuckle Puck this weekend, so my friend Kasey told me these were her 6 favorite songs. They’re also Matt’s, so they were added.

49 & 50. Modern Baseball released a random split EP, so I added these guys into the mix. They haven’t come on shuffle too many times.

I’ve linked the songs above, give them a listen…I’ll bold my recommendations!